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Our only bank holiday discount is now up and running. All bookings must be confirmed via email or text.
How it works? Once you have had your quotation please quote May 10%. As simple as that. Work must be completed in MAY 21.

As an example: Standard Through lounge, flight of stairs would pendi...

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Urine in carpets can and is smelly and unsightly. Having pets does come with a health warning. Damage, odours.
Many people like this customer attempted to remove the stains and odours by heeding the advice of the web. Such as bicarbonate of soda, shake and vac. We have been doing this type of cle...

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How clean are your carpets, Really?

Mar 18, 2021 – Apr 30, 2021

When you have pets it is inevitable that they will bring in dirt. The couple at this property where looking at pictures of the living room. They have only lived in the house for 8 months and the carpet was brand new when they purchased this property.
To put the umph back this is what we did.
1/ H...

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Dirty Carpets= Bacteria.

Jan 26, 2021 – Feb 25, 2021

Every so often we get what we call a rat nasty carpet. Once that has been neglected for years. Unloved, abused and obviously not in the best of health.

Over time the owner had used stain spray removers to attend to accidents but gave up. Time went by and they just got used to it.

It was only wh...

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Covid Update for our customers

Jan 5, 2021 – Feb 15, 2021


We are still working.
We are using social distance measures.
We are wearing gloves and a mask at at all times.
We would ask that you go to another room as we work or go out whilst the work is being carried out.

Sofa cleaning Warrington

Dec 16, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

When cleaning your sofa there are a few factors we need to consider before we can proceed with any cleaning.
1/ What fibre are we dealing with.
2/ Removal of odours.
3/ Removal of urine,

In this particular case, the customer advised that she had two young children and a dog.

After a survey an...

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Are you booked in yet?

Nov 29, 2020 – Dec 23, 2020

Carpet cleaning for Christmas.

As we are all getting ready for Christmas, our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service is getting really busy. As I am writing this our next free day is the 15th Dec 20.

Should you require any of our services I strongly suggest you contact us quickly and ...

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Having nice clean furnishings is great for Christmas.
We are working up to the 23rd of December. Should you require an appointment please book in as early as possible.
We are also wearing masks and gloves and would ask that we social distance.

Last year we filled up so quickly we had to disappo...

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Removing urine from carpets.

Oct 25, 2020 – Dec 4, 2020

Removing urine from a carpet can be a complicated matter, especially if the owner has attempted the removal themselves using stain removers. If you are reading this please heed this advice. Do not buy stain removers. THEY DO NOT WORK.
So for this job we classed this as level three contamination....

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2 years ago
I would like to say a massive thank you to you guys. I was at my wits end with the state of my carpets. I had my carpets cleaned a few years ago at my old house and the experience was not the best. I must say that from the initial contact with you, to you coming to my property to look at the carpets needing cleaning i was was impressed. And i understand it is sad , however i was excited when you turned up on the day. My carpets look great, smell amazing, and thanks for the aftercare tips. Thanks Again Sylvia xx
- Sylvia e
9 months ago
Fantastic service definitely use again
- Denise J
3 years ago
I am very pleased with Warrington Carpet Cleaners and their crew who provided us excellent service. They thoroughly cleaned our carpet and made it smell nice. The workers were friendly and they did the work quickly which is very impressive. We would definitely call them again if needed. You should too! 100% reliable!
- Ricky H

Cleaning your Carpets ,Rugs and sofa's

As a parent you want to keep your family safe. Your carpets are a breeding ground for germs,dirt, and odour.So when were your carpets, loose rugs, or even upholstery last cleaned? We advise at least once a year, and more often if you have pets. In fact if you have pets twice a year.Your pets will bring in more dust and smells which you become used to. So keeping your carpets clean will help keep your family safe from germs, and unwanted odours, and extend the life span of your furnishings, and help with your health.We only use the very best chemicals which achieve the best results for our customers.In fact the chemicals we use are used in our home. We are trained to Ncca and Iicrc standard, and have over 18 years experience within the carpet cleaning industry and i would say it is fair to say we are expert carpet cleaners. Do you have stains in your carpets, rugs or upholstery which is an eyesore? We can help. All the quotations provided by warrington carpet cleaners are completely  free and valid for 28 days. Did you know that we also clean fabric upholstery, leather upholstery and all types of rugs? So if you are in the 01925 phone code area, Warrington,  CulchethNewton le Willows,  Lymm , Lowton, Golborne, St Helens and now High Legh
We work 7 days a week to accommodate  all our customers needs, and should your business require industrial carpet cleaning, we can work after hours for you. Please take a view at some of our work  by visiting the gallery, and we have customers video reviews for you to listen and view to. We do like a challenge so if you urine, food stains, rust, red wine , tea or coffee we can help. Every so often we have a special offer, so please check the website for details.

What we also  clean
Loose Rugs Steam Cleaning
Fabric upholstery Steam Cleaning
Leather upholstery
Mattress Cleaning

What we can remove for you

Stains such as coffee, tea, paint
Dust Mites

If you need any advice, please give us a call. We hope to here from you soon.

If you are considering hiring a carpet cleaning machine may i suggest you visit this page for advice and information.

So what would i say was the most satisfying job we actioned in January 2019?

For me it was a job we did at the Springbrook Pub, Grappenhall, Warrington.
The new landlady had moved in however the previous landlord did not take care of his living apartment. The carpets were only 7 months old I was advised. I thought they were about 10 years old they were that dirty, and general condition.
The carpets were the same all the way through. Hard corded, with a couple of jointed carpets. The jointed carpets had become loose so we fixed this first. The carpets colour was supposed to be blue however they were black through dirt.

The new landlady was bringing her daughter who suffered with asthma and had real concerns it could effect her. The carpets were hoovered and from just the living room carpet alone the hoover was half full of grit, hair and anything else.
To clean this carpet an antibacterial and odour destroyer was applied. Then a strong alkaline was applied. The secret of success in all jobs is the chemistry, understanding the chemistry, and dwell time.Along with very hot water, and high pressure along with a slight acid rinse, the carpet cleaned up amazing and as we were doing all the rooms we dried off each room as we went.Do you need a team you can trust, offer a great service then call carpet cleaning warrington
01925 541449.

Feb 2019

A woman's scorn
Am sure you have heard of it?

A call from a customer in High Legh, Cheshire advising of a strange odour from his carpets. He lives a lone, and works away a lot so does not understand the smell.He described the smell as dead fish.
On attendance to the property the odour was very distinctive. The carpet was fairly new , in fact 4 months old.
We located the area of the smell which when one had there nose to it was eye watering. 
The smell was not in the carpet in my opinion it  was beneath.
To  confirm my theory we decided to move all the furniture to one end of the room. Uplifted the carpet and rolled it back past the area of the odour. Pulling the underlay  to one side to our astonishment we discovered an area of Tuna, which was around 2 feet square and squashed.
So first thing was to remove the solids. Once this was done  the sub floor which was wood had to be treated. The time of our attendance was after 7pm so getting the replacement underlay was delayed.
Following day we returned with the new underlay, replace the damaged area and refitted the carpet.
The customer decided to have all his carpet cleaned instead of the area that was contaminated.
And to put a smile on our faces he advised that while he was away his estranged partner gained access to the property with a friend to carry out the deed. And the reason she did this was that he was playing away.

March 2019

Like most carpet cleaners we have our normal days and then we have a jobs that make you feel proud.

An old lady had taken a fall and had not been found for 2 days by either family or friends.
As you can imagine the area was soiled, and had blood stains.
While the lady was in hospital we attended her home. On inspection i decided that the carpet would be uplifted. The reason being as urine was involved the sub-floor needed to be examined,. Once the carpet was uplifted , the evidence of the liquid was there to see. Very wet wood floor, and saturated underlay.This was addressed before any new underlay was fitted.
The next issue to deal with was the blood stains, and body stains.
We removed this using our enzyme cleanser, and dried the carpet.
And how much did this cost?
We charged nothing. The lady looked like my Nan and i do like to help people in the community from time to time.

April 2019   

This property was owned by the Park Royal Hotel, in Appleton, Warrington.
Who does not love a dog or cat.   I thought i would put this  particular job on here for April as i am today going  on holiday for a few days.   A call was taken by a lady who was having a home inspection by her landlord. On arriving at the property i could hear several dogs barking. When the front door was opened the smell hit you. The issue was the customer was so used to the smell it was normal. Noseblind as i call it. Now i can take smells but the hairs in my nose were disintegrating. The survey was carried out and the customer was happy with my quotation. The carpets to be cleaned were in the living room and stairs and the carpets were a mix and dark grey in colour when in fact they should be blue in colour. Another issue was that the walls also smelt. So the customer was going out for two hours with the dogs so we could eradicate not only the dirt but the odours. This type of job is rare. The living room was address first. Odour destroying chemicals applied liberally followed by the cleaning compound. This was agitated and left for 15 mins. The machine was at a temperature of 100c, with a pressure of 400psi, and all vacuums going. The carpet was cleaned and came up great. Pictures are on website. Once the living room was done we placed our ozone machine in the living room whilst we addressed the stairs. The ozone machine destroys odours. We use this machine in care homes with a 100% success rate. Next the stairs were tackled. When the stairs had been completed we again placed our ozone machine for 45 minutes. It was a warm day so we opened the windows when we had finished. The carpets not only looked clean they smelt amazing. In fact she said the dogs were barred from the Living room. Where have i heard that before? So if you have smelly carpets, trust someone who cares about delivering great results.      
May  2019

Although May was a really busy month for us, we didn't have any stand out jobs to really talk about.
We did have an increase in removing urine from Rugs. It seems a lot of households are buying pups.
One job we did do was the carpet and upholstery cleaning after the Neighbour Hood Weekend at Victoria Park,
Am told that the most popular singer at this gig was Richard Ashcroft. i wouldn't know as i wasn't there. The job we were asked to do was the cleaning of 80 chairs, and the carpets. Cleaning all the chairs , knowing some famous derrieres had been there. This was the second year we were invited to clean at this event.
On a personal note we added a new carpet cleaning machine to our stock. And no we don't hire this out as we have been asked.

June 2019

Well again it has been a busy month for us. In fact we are getting calls from customers outside of the 01925 area which is very nice indeed.
So which was our stand out job this month.
A customer from Culcheth, Warrington contacted us re his carpets. These had been neglected for some time. The issue was food and grease spillages. In fact even though this was a carpet in a home, they were in a worse state than some restaurants we clean at.

We had to be a little creative in the chemistry of the chemicals we used. And the position of the carpets and us working backwards , the carpet was slippy. The end result was amazing. And the pictures are on the website. Joined together so you can see the before and after. We took several pictures which are on the main website, and which i must say are impressive.
On a personal note we have also purchased a new machine which arrived on the 31st. The new machine is even more powerful than our existing machine. So this is now going to be used as a backup.
Nothing worse when a machine breaks down.

This has to be one of my favourite blogs

July 19

Oh what a month for us. Am not sure if this applies to other trades but of all the jobs we did in July only 5% where carpets. The other 95% was upholstery cleaning. Normally we will action around 15 sofa cleaning jobs a month. This month was in excess of 100. It was a mixture of fabric and leather sofa cleaning,

August 19

Having been so busy from Christmas until July we went on holiday on the 01st August until the 24th. Took the rest of the month off to re bond with my dogs, who made me pay. Oh the joys of being a an animal lover.

Sept 19

September was a back braking month for us. We did not do any residential work at all.We had three care homes to work in. It is so sad to see people  with the likes of dementia. 
In total we cleaned 287 bedrooms, 5 lounges, and a lot of corridors.
Both our portable machines were also sent away for their annual service. With Christmas fast approaching, this is when the silly season starts. We suggest you book early to guarantee your appointment.

Oct 19

We seem to be getting busier as the year goes on especially carpet cleaning Lymm 
We had a lot of jobs to action this month. The standout job was a little more complicated than normal. After a police raid a home owner got their property back. The tenants had been growing marijuana. As you can imagine the smell was strong and lingering. Apart from cleaning the carpets we had to  use our ozone machines to destroy the smells held within the walls and ceiling.Using specialist  chemicals on the carpets we removed all the odour, returning the property as it should smell. Clean.

Nov 19

The start up to Christmas is starting. Customers getting booked in early to ensure that  they have their sofa cleaning in Warrington. Appointment.  We have been sofa cleaning in Lymm everyday day in November. From leather upholstery to fabric upholstery. In all the years we have been in the industry we have never had this level   of interest from one area.  I find cleaning upholstery very therapeutic.  Watching the dirt being steam cleaned away. There is nothing worse that sitting on a dirty sofa, and one that is very visibly dirty.

Dec 19

As you can imagine the month leading up to Christmas becomes extremely busy. We started all our first jobs of the day at 8 am.. Most days we were back home at 10 pm. It was very tiring as you can imagine. We where also called out on Christmas day morning to attend a carpet which had received an animal accident.
 On a more positive note we have been awarded three large jobs.
A hotel in Stretton. We will be cleaning 150 bedrooms through January to April 2020 plus corridors. The customer was these steam cleaned.

We are also cleaning 2 dementia care homes. 1 will be cleaned in January the other in February 2020.

With care homes we deodorise every bedroom we work in. using our ozone machine to eliminate the smell in the walls and ceiling. If you have never been in on these establishments the smell is quite putrid.

So January 2020 is already full.
We have also sent two of our machines to have a service.
Being so busy the last thing you want is a machine breaking down.

Jan 20

What a tough and busy month.I would say this month is the busiest we have ever been.

Two care homes and a hotel plus all our residential work.
As a normal January is,, urine removal  with new pups plus Christmas and New Year cleanups.

Feb 20

The month of Love. We ran a special offer in February which was very popular.
With a saving of £20.00 on cleaning a flight of stairs.
In addition to this we were sanitising carpets again at a hotel.
Some late nights, sore back a

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